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What Can We Do For You?

Lawyers for Hodlers.

If you know the above isn’t a typo, you are at the right place. There are plenty of websites that can help you get started with Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies. Below you will find some of the basics. Our goal is to provide legal advise and help you plan for the future once you have already bought some Cryptocurrency.

Estate Planning

We can help you plan your estate to make sure your Crypto isn’t lost if something happens to you. 

Cryptocurrency can be a powerful estate planning tool. Savings, investments, gold, shares etc. has some degree of costs associated with holding or storing it. Cryptocurrency has no such costs. 

The bank will require you to apply for Probate before they will pay out any investments to your family. Cryptocurrency does not need Letters Probate to be transferred. 

Cryptocurrency can be transferred as easy as passing a note with 12 words from one person to another. 

What happens with my Cryptocurrency when the worst happens?

Cryptocurrency can increase in value significantly. People who bought a few thousand dollars worth of Crypto could sit with a small fortune in a few years. 

The problem is that your family may not even know you have Cryptocurrency. Unless you plan for this eventuality, your fortune may become forgotten. 

No bank manager or Judge

Cryptocurrency is designed to be immutable and decentralized. If you lose your private keys, you lose your Crypto and no bank manager or court can help your family get your coins. The great freedom Cryptocurrency brings comes with responsibility. You need to take the necessary steps to make sure your family can get control of your Cryptocurrency once you pass away.


How Do I Buy Crytpo?

Bitcoin or Crypto ATM

1. Scan your wallet.
2. Insert cash.
3. Receive your coins. It is that simple.

By far the easiest way to buy Cryptocurrency is with a Bitcoin ATM. You don't need to signup, just feed the cash and receive your coins. Be warned, the fees are quite high. It is a good way to get some Crypto to play with.

Newton Crypto Exchange - Cryptocurrency Exchange

We use as our Crypto exchange of choice. You can fund with Interac transfers and the amount is deposited to your account within a few minutes.
The signup process is fast, make sure you use your phone or computer with a good camera.
Withdrawals are quick as well and the fees are reasonable. If you are starting out, look no further.

How Do I receive and store Crypto?

Exodus Wallet is the most user friendly wallet.

1. Download and install the wallet.
2. Can be installed on your computer and phone.
3. If you install it on both, the wallets will be in sync.

One of the hardest things to understand about Cryptocurrency is that it isn't a file stored on your computer. There aren't any Coins stored on your computer. The Coins are stored on a network of computers all over the world. You can store a copy yourself as well but that is not necessary. The network is secured and copies of the coins are stored all over the world.

What this means is all you need to control the coins and send them to someone is what is called the keys. The Cryptocurrency software creates the keys in a more human friendly format namely 12 or 24 random words. These words are very important. With these words, you can lose all your electronics and still get your Cryptocurrency back. These words are your "bank account number", "login" and "passwords" all rolled into one.

Most people who lose their Cryptocurrency lose these 12 words because they never write them down. Do not make that mistake. If you follow this rule Cryptocurrency is a lot safer to use than a bank account.

Trezor Hardware Wallet

1. The Trezor hardware wallet integrates with Exodus.
2. This is the ultimate in security and convenience.
3. Recommended for long term storage.

Your wallet is secured by a password and in most cases a hacker will need access to your cellphone or computer to steal your Cryptocurrency. A hardware wallet adds a layer of protection in that a person will need your computer and the hardware wallet to steal your coins.

This is the method for long term storage. You wouldn't feel comfortable with thousands of dollars worth of Cryptocurrency on your phone.

The hardware wallet is removed from the internet and never connects to it. Even if a hacker sees everything you do on your computer, they still won't get access to your Crypto.

What is Bitcoin?

This 2 minute video will tell you everything you need to know about the basics of Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology on which it is based.