Who We Are?

Our Mission

Our mission is simple, to assist people in Saskatchewan to obtain, manage and plan with Cryptocurrency. My name is Jean Jordaan and I am a lawyer trading as a Corporation, Jean Jordaan Law P.C. Ltd.

I first found out about Bitcoin during 2012 and became  interested in the new technology once I learned more about the limited supply and how the coins are distributed. 

After some extensive research, it became clear to me that Bitcoin and Crypto in general will change commerce like email changed communication. I have been trading and investing in Crypto ever since.

Extraordinary Experiences

We have been through many booms and busts in the Crypto industry. We have seen businesses go bust and we have seen people turn a few thousand Dollars into millions of Dollars. 

There is never a dull moment in Crypto but Crypto is ultimately more than something to speculate on and hope for profit. 

Crypto is a tool for businesses and people to trade in person and online with almost no fees and no charge-backs. We have been using Crypto, specifically Bitcoin Cash, almost daily.

Our Core Values

We value honest money and free markets. We want to bring the right people together to do business and prosper.