Unbank yourself

We are here to help you get started with Cryptocurrency and we provide hands-on assistance through Zoom.

Choosing a Cryptocurrency

There are hundreds of different Cryptocurrencies just like there are hundreds of different currencies like USD, CAD, Euro, Yen etc. The main Cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash , Ripple, Dash to name a few. Which one is right for you?

We will introduce you to a few and help you decide. Do you want to invest? Accept Crypto in your store?

We will help you choose the one best suited to your needs.

Downloading a Wallet

Once we know what Cryptocurrency (Crypto) you want, you will need to receive and store your Crypto on your phone or computer. This app or program is called a "wallet" and is similar any online banking app you are already using.

We will suggest a few wallets which will depend on the Crypto you chose. We will help you decide on which one is right for your specific needs.

We will explain the differences between the wallets and the pro's and con's of each.

Storing your Cryptocurrency

What if I lose my phone or passwords? What happens to my Cypto if I pass away?

If you follow our guidelines, your Crypto is safer than money in the bank because you have total control over your money. There is no middleman that can freeze your accounts.

We will also help you prepare a package that you can give to your family to ensure that they are able to get access to your Crypto if you pass away.

We will walk you through the steps needed to secure your Crypto.

Buying Cryptocurrency

There are 2 main ways to buy Crypto:
Buy from an online store (exchange) or buy directly from people with cash.

Depending on what Crypto you decide to buy, you will have to use one of the many exchanges in Canada. An exchange is an online marketplace like Amazon, Ebay or Kijiji where you can buy and sell Crypto. We will help you open an account with an exchange and walk you through the buying process.

You can also buy Crypto like Bitcoin Cash, directly from other people. We will show you where you can contact people near you to buy and sell in person.

Spending your Cryptocurrency

What good is Crypto if you can't spend it? We will show you where you can use your Crypto in your everyday life.

Want to save up to 20% on Amazon purchases?
Donate money to people in need on the other side of the world (without a middleman)?
Send money to family and friends overseas?
Visit an online casino?
Create gift vouchers for your business?
Buy gold and silver?

We will show you how.

Learn more about Cryptocurrency

Money is half of every transaction in the world. You should know your money as well as your trade. The same is true for Crypto.

Every Cryptocurrency, for example Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash, is unique and has different potential.

We will point you to great resources to learn more about Cryptocurrency and specific coins.

Why Prairie Crypto Consulting

We have been involved in Crypto trading since 2013 and have gained a lot of experience in trading, storing and spending Crypto. We have experience in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, Ripple, and many more. We know the risks and benefits in using Crypto.

We keep our hourly rate as low as possible because our focus is on long term relationships. 

If you join an exchange or other marketplace, we will provide you with our affiliate link. If you join using our link (totally voluntary), we will receive a small commission on trading fees. This way we stay sustainable long term.


What You Get

For $250 per hour if you pay with CAD or $200 per hour if you pay with Crypto, we will: